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pop choker
Chill Drive Lofi Japanese – Lofi hip hop mix
Chill Japanese Lofi Mix – beats to relax
Creature Girls Factory
2023 Season Graphic Wear
Secret Item: Punks key ring
Secret Item:punks ring
ROBLOX ID:punks4d
棒読みちゃんをTIKTOK LIVEで使う
Finger Heart
Rose Sound
punk tarot cards
2022 Season Graphic Wear【sold out】
I made a 3DCG of “三次元遊技”
I made a 3DCG of “TAMARIN” 霊臨


Activities on the theme of digital and real space

  • 2022 Released “Sasete Ryo san”
  • 2022 Started activities on tiktok
  • Perform sleep distribution using music signal MIDI on tiktok
  • Published 3DCG works under the name of Ultrapunks
  • Succeeded in reproducing the comment of “Boyomi-chan” used in Nico Nico Douga for the first time on tiktok