pop choker

“The Pop Choker is an accessory that can be worn in a cute and stylish way. It has a slightly cumbersome feel, but its bold presence is part of its charm and appeal. This choker has a pop and minimalistic design, with inspiration drawn from the influence of Mealtoid toys. To put it in the words of an art museum curator, this item is a fusion of “wearing” and “toys,” inspired by McDonald’s innovative chemical reaction of combining “eating” and “toys.” Thanks to its unique design and functionality, the Pop Choker is expected to be embraced in adult fashion as well.”

ポップチョãƒŧã‚Ģãƒŧは、ã‚ĸクã‚ģã‚ĩãƒĒãƒŧとしãĻ可愛らしくčēĢãĢつけることができるã‚ĸイテムです。少しé‚Ē魔ãĒæ„Ÿã˜ãŒã—ãžã™ãŒã€ããŽå­˜åœ¨æ„ŸãŒã‚€ã—ã‚č¨ąåŽšã•ã‚Œã‚‹é­…åŠ›ã‚’æŒãŖãĻいぞす。 こぎチョãƒŧã‚Ģãƒŧは、ポップでミニマãƒĢãĒデã‚ļイãƒŗであり、ミãƒŧãƒĢトイぎåŊąéŸŋを受けãĻいぞす。マクドナãƒĢドぎå‰ĩ造įš„ãĒ化å­Ļ反åŋœã€ã€ŒéŖŸãšã‚‹ã€ã“とと「įŽŠå…ˇã€ãŽįĩåˆã‹ã‚‰ã‚¤ãƒŗ゚ピãƒŦãƒŧã‚ˇãƒ§ãƒŗã‚’åž—ãĻ、”čēĢãĢつける”ことと”įŽŠå…ˇ”ãŽčžåˆã¨ã„ã†åŊĸãĢãĒãŖãĻいぞす。 そぎãƒĻニãƒŧクãĒデã‚ļイãƒŗと抟čƒŊ性ãĢより、大äēēãŽãƒ•ã‚Ąãƒƒã‚ˇãƒ§ãƒŗãĢも取りå…Ĩれられることが期垅されぞす。